Saturday, November 5, 2016

Ooooo, that smell!

Ok, so it's been a while since the last post!  Been really busy and I haven't had time to devote to this blog!  But good news!  I have this post and another in the pipeline in about a week, so I'm going to be making up for lost time!  

You'll notice that I have a portion of the next pic cut out!  It's not a mistake; it's by design!  Obviously it's a Richie Rich story, but the title of it gives away the surprise, so I decided to crop it so nothing will be given away too soon!  Enjoy!

Had no idea Richard Rich, Sr. was into advancement of television technology!  I wonder how far the delivery guy had to haul that monstrous package!  This had better be good!  

So far Richie isn't that all impressed!  He also decided to change up his wardrobe a bit and opt for the white shorts instead of the usual blue!  But enough of the garment observation; Richie's dad is about to reveal what sets this TV set apart from all the others on the market!  The suspense is killing me!

REALLY???  I mean, it's sort of a nice novelty, but it'll wear out rather quickly.  TV is meant to be enjoyed with the visual rather than the olfactory senses.  Already I can see problems with this gadget!

Yeah, I suppose if you have the thing tuned to HGTV or the Food Network, it has its good points.  But careful you don't change the channel to AMC when The Walking Dead is on; who wants to smell rotting flesh?

Ya know, it's a good thing this "smellevision" hasn't been mass-produced.  Palpo would go out of business virtually overnight!  Then again, look where Dollar lives!  Probably has his own chef to create gourmet meals especially for him!  

Oh, come on, Regina!  You really think your husband would bring one of his mistresses home?  

Um...might want to change the channel from that forest fire!  Jamie Farr and Lou Gossett, Jr. make special guest appearances in this story as two firemen just cruising around.  Who needs fire alarms or 911 dispatchers when you've got firemen driving around the city like Malloy and Reed from Adam-12?  Did the fire station burn down?

Yes, don't worry, folks!  Jamie and Lou are on the job, going through your front door like it was papier-mâché but amplified with a "crasho" sound effect!

Hey, guys, the Rich family is NOT on fire!  Getting sprayed with a fire hose has to hurt like hell!  Especially for Regina seen here getting a high-pressure enema!  Ouch!

The joke's on you guys?  I don't think so! You just flooded their living room!  Judging by their embarrassed grins, I'd say this was all a part of the firemen's plan to strike a blow against those capitalist pigs!  Another tell-tale sign; look at the smug look on Lou's face in the upper left panel! 

It never was, Richard, nor will it ever be!  And better get a doc to check out your left foot; punting that heavy set had to hurt!

Hey, the Looney Tunes Hour is on and they're showing a Pepe Le Pew cartoon.  Yes, indeed, good thing getting rid of that "smellevision".  Could be worse, though; what if Blazing Saddles was on TV and they tuned in during the campfire scene?   Here's what I mean:

If the "smellevision" was still in the house, they couldn't exactly blame it on the dog, eh?

OK, that's it for now!  Next we'll have a little discussion about the birds and the bees Harvey Comics style!  Coming very soon!  Promise!



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